2020-21 Membership Renewal and Scholarship Contributions

Diablo Valley College Retirees Association

Dues and Membership Information for 2020-2021

>Your dues establish your family membership in the DVC Retirees Association for 2020-2021.
(Note: the DVC Retirees Association dues year follows the academic calendar [July 1 – June 30], not the calendar year.)

>IF YOUR CURRENT DIRECTORY ENTRY IS FINE, THEN JUST PRINT YOUR NAME ON LINE X. If there are changes to any of your contact information, please PRINT them on the line below. Your information will appear in the directory exactly as you’ve written it.

X Name:___________________________Spouse/partner(optional):_____________X


Phone: (    )______________________email:_____________________________

I have some time to help with DVC Retirees Association activities  

Yes____ No____ If yes, what could we ask you to do?



1) Dues per retiree family for one year:  $______   $20 (due July 1)

2a) Scholarship Contribution:                $______ ($40 or more suggested to help reach our goal of 12 or more $1,00 DVC Retirees Association scholarships for our students)

– OR –

2b)   Tax Deductible Scholarship contribution: (If you would like your scholarship contribution to be tax deductible, please write a second check made out to the DVC Foundation, and in the “memo” area write “DVC Retirees Association Scholarship Fund.”)

Scholarship Contribution:               $_______

Total                                                         $_______

Enclose your dues check made out to DVC Retirees Association with this form along with your scholarship donation or enclose a second check with your scholarship donation made out to the DVC Foundation if you want the scholarship contribution to be tax deductible, and address your envelope to:

DVC Retirees Association

321 Golf Club Road

Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Please include your return address on the envelope. It helps us sort!

Thank you!    Look for  the DVCRA Newsletter, out in early October.

Renew 20-21 (click on link,  for printable form)