Chambers “Dan” Adams D 10/2019

Thank you to Julie Catalano, Sr. Executive Assistant, President’s Office at Diablo Valley College for the following notification:

We are sad to report the passing of Chambers “Dan” Adams in October 2019. Dan began his career with DVC in 1965 as a foreign language instructor. He received his BA degree and completed four years of graduate work from the University of California, Berkeley. Dan retired from DVC in 1988.  

Following is a tribute to Dan from Jim Hammel, retired computer science faculty.

Chambers “Dan” Adams, the penetrating cynic, always amusing, ever insightful entered the ethereal world on October14, 2019 at the venerable age of 99.  He retired in 1988 some 32 years ago.  For 23 years a member of the Foreign Language Department he taught French and Spanish.  When inspired Dan could write in Greek and fix an arresting thought handed down to us by the ancients.

We all come to terms with our existence in myriad ways.   Dan’s way was to frame it as a comedy, his impish stoicism clothing it in humor, relieving it of the morbidity that engulfs us at times when we realize our life is draining away.  I miss the caustic quip, the apothegmatic assertion, the way he skewered the all pervasive cant that fogs our senses.

You have left us Dan but fond memories remain.  You brought joy to all who knew you.


If you have additional tributes for Dan, please send them to me or Karen Castle,  Karen can upload your tributes onto the DVCRA site located on the UF web page,

Stay well and safe.

Nancy D. Zink

DVCRA Liaison