Here are some links that you might find useful:



Social Security

CCCCD Benefits Page

Medicare Part B Reimbursement Form

UF  Contract – Early Retirement and Pre Retirement Plans

CalPERS Retirement Checklist

CalSTRS Retirement Checklist

California Health Advocates (HICAP – Medicare, Elder and Long Term Care Info)

VSP Vision Care

DVC Emeritus College

SJSU Transitions to Retirement Interviews

AROHE – Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education

NIRS – National Institute on Retirement Security

RPEA – Retired Public Employees Association of CA (CalPERS Retiree Association)

CA Retired Teachers Association – Mostly K-12 but they have some info on STRS

FACCC – Faculty Association for CA. Community Colleges (They are developing a retiree advocacy page)

CARA – CA. Association for Retired Americans

AARP – American Association of Retired Persons CA. Region

Gray Panthers – Gray Panthers Affiliation of CA. Networks

MeetUp Groups – MeetUp Groups within 25 miles of Pleasant Hill, CA.

Life Long Learning Resources