2021-22 Membership Renewal and Scholarship Contribution

Dear DVCRA Members,

I hope you and your loved ones have fared well over these past several months and are starting to feel comfortable venturing out and enjoying the company of friends and family. 

It’s Dues Renewal Time

Since the DVCRA membership year matches the academic year, July 1 to June 1, it is time for us to renew our memberships for the organization. Your renewal payment is due on July 1, 2021.  Please print and complete the attached DVCRA Dues and Membership Information form (use either form), write your check for $20 payable to the DVC Retirees Association, and mail both to DVC Retirees Association, 321 Golf Club Road, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523.

DVC Students Continue to Need Our Help Through Scholarships

Please consider giving a generous donation to the DVCRA scholarship fund as many DVC students still need our financial support.  Because of your contributions this past year, we were able to give $1,000 each to 18 student recipients this spring and hope to at least match that number in 2022. To achieve that, DVCRA relies on your thoughtful contributions to the scholarship fund.  The DVCRA Board recommends at least a $40 contribution to help us reach our goal.

If you wish to have a tax deduction for your contribution, write a separate check payable to the DVC Foundation and write in the memo space “DVC Retirees Association Scholarship Fund.”

An In-Person Luncheon in October!

DVC will be open for classes this fall, so we are able to schedule our Fall Luncheon on campus.  Being mindful of the importance of continuing to feel safe, the DVC Commons area has been reserved for our luncheon, to be held on October 8, 2021.  Watch for our next Newsletter later this year which will have updated details about the Luncheon.

DVCRA Members Directory

Your membership entitles you to the latest DVCRA Members Directory.  This year the Directory will be distributed at the Fall Luncheon.  For those members who aren’t able to attend, the Directory will be sent to you by US mail.

If you have any questions about your membership or have any difficulty with completing the membership form, please contact Sue Shattuck at 925-788-8441 or sshattuck@earthlink.net. The membership form is also available on the DVCRA website at www.uf4cdretired.org.

I hope you have a delightful and healthful summer! 

Sue Shattuck, DVCRA Membership Coordinator

Download and Print Your Renewal Form (pdf)

2021-2022 Membership Renewal and Scholarship Contribution Form

or read it below

Diablo Valley College Retirees Association

Dues and Membership Information for 2021-2022

        Your dues establish your family membership in the DVC Retirees Association for 2021-2022.


ON LINE X.  If there are changes to any of your contact information, please PRINT them on the lines below.  Your information will appear in the directory exactly as you’ve written it.

X Name: _______________________________ Spouse/partner (optional):_____________ X


City: _______________________________________  State: __________________

Phone: (     )______________________________email:______________________________

I have some time to help with DVC Retirees Association activities   Yes____ No____ If yes, how would you like to help? ____________________________________________________


1)  Dues per retiree family for one year:    $______   $20 (due July 1) 

2a) Scholarship Contribution:                $______ (at least $40 suggested to reach our goal of

18 or more $1,000 DVC Retirees Association scholarships for our students)                                       –  OR  –

2b) Tax Deductible Scholarship contribution: (If you would like your scholarship contribution to be tax deductible, please write a second check made out to the DVC

Foundation, and in the “Memo” area write “DVC Retirees Association Scholarship Fund.”)    Scholarship Contribution:               $_______

                                                            Total               $_________

Enclose your dues check made out to DVC Retirees Association with this form along with your scholarship donation or enclose a second check with your scholarship donation made out to the DVC Foundation if you want the scholarship contribution to be tax deductible, and address your envelope to:

DVC Retirees Association

321 Golf Club Road

Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 •          

Please include your return address on the envelope.  It helps us sort!


Thank you! We look forward to seeing you again soon.