Pam McNeilly d 2/2024

I am forwarding the email from Marta Gillen, Sr. Executive Assistant for the President at DVC, regarding the passing of our friend and colleague Pam McNeilly.  Pam was someone I could depend on for an honest, straightforward evaluation/opinion; she was someone who was kind and generous to me.  I am so sorry for her loss.  

When one of our DVCRA community passes, I am frequently asked for contact information for a family member or a close friend, one who can provide relevant information about that individual, services, memorials, etc.  If you would like to provide me with such information, I will keep it on file, separate from our Directory.  Currently, I do only have what you provide for the DVCRA Directory.

Nancy D. Zink

DVCRA Liaison


We are sad to report the passing of Pamela McNeilly Calabrese earlier this month. Pam was a DVC student in 1976, a student worker, a part-time instructor and was later hired as a full-time psychology instructor in 1989. She taught until her retirement in 2013 and was a beloved faculty member. She also served as psychology department chair, social sciences division convener and on many committees.